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Kelly’s Review of the YouCopia Tea Stand

As everyone should know by now Ronnie loves his tea, and we have boxes everywhere. I have been looking for something to put them in to take control of the situation. Finally after searching, I came in contact with YouCopia Tea Stand. This stand can hold up to 100 different tea bags which is pretty awesome if I must say.
Now instead of having all the tea bags thrown everywhere they are in one place, nice and neat. Lightweight, clean, small, sturdy plastic, this holds a decent amount of tea bags. My husband loves it. He fixes his different teas and arranges them the way he wants.
It is a great organizational tool for tea lovers. I normally do loose leaf but have a variety of bags for on the go quick cups. This is a great space-saving and convenient way of keeping your countertop neat and tidy. Now when we want a cup of tea we can just go to the organizer and get it. You can see the tea bags and get them in and out of the organizer very easily.
This is a sturdy, solid organizer that gets all those boxes gone! Each of the plastic holders will slide up and out. I had some herb tea bags in plastic that were over-sized. I just folded them over, and they fit. This keeps all my tea bags together instead of in all those boxes!! It fits perfectly in the cabinet also. It holds a lot of bags, and each holder is removable also so that it fits perfectly in the cabinet. We have ours in the bedroom because if we didn’t the tea would be gone. My uncle and brother-in-law love their tea. This way my husband has his when he wants it and does not have to worry about it being gone. It’s easier to see what I have to offer guests, or simply not forget what I have. And it greatly reduces the collection of boxes of teas in my cabinet.
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